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Innovation and Australian design

FITnFLOAT is a new, fully-patented shelving system, invented, designed and made in Australia.


FITnFLOAT panels consist of anodised aluminium extrusions embedded in each panel. These panels are purchased with the extrusion pre-inserted. Extrusion anodising colours currently available include black, bronze, and clear. Made from 18mm MDF, FITnFLOAT panels are available in a wide range of colours.


FITnFLOAT shelves are fully floating with no visible brackets when installed, and are also available in a wide range of colours. All shelves and attachments come with the bracket already attached. Shelves are very easy to adjust in height on the wall or from side to side. This offers maximum flexibility and convenience, which is great for quickly rearranging your display or shelving system.


FITnFLOAT is a new, revolutionary, floating shelving system for your home, shop, office or more.

Create your perfect shelving design with no visible brackets and easily customise the system in a matter of seconds whenever you like.

With maximum flexibility and convenience, FITnFLOAT shelving effortlessly adapts to your new display or lifestyle.

Check out our gallery and videos for innovative shelving ideas and see how easy it is to re-arrange and customise your perfect space.

Our products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.

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