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Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions: 

However strong we make our shelves they can only be as strong as the substrate and the wall fixings used.

 Other applications can be used but we recommend the following:

Hardware Supplied: 

  • 2 X Wood Screws
  • Stick on Wood Screw covers

Tools Required:

  • Stud Finder
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Counter Sunk Drill Bit



  1. When mounting onto a plasterboard wall if possible, mountings should be at least 1 stud for added security.
  2. Note that when mounting onto plasterboard wall, the anchors are only as strong as the wall they are mounted into.
  3. Make sure you distribute the load evenly when dressing shelves and accessories




Panels may be affixed to existing wall.  We recommend they should be affixed directly to the studs


Use a stud finder to find the studs in the wall


Use a level and mark your studs (two studs for 600mm and 800mm and at least 1 stud for 300mm and 400mm panels)


Ensure back panel is installed right way up.  In absence of direction sticker, test by trying to insert a shelf or accessory.  Hold shelf the correct way up (insert backpanel at back of shelf in downwards direction) and attempt to insert shelf in backpanel.  If back panel upside down the shelf/accessory will not fit flush and be at an angle to back panel


Use your drill and counter sunk drill bit to drill a hole through the backboard and wall where you have marked your studs.  For 400mm and 300mm panels, ensure at least one stud is utilised.  Another screw can be added, below the first screw, into the stud, if required.


Use the two wood screws and Phillips Head Screwdriver to screw through the back board, into the wall until it is flush with the surface of the wall


Attach your shelf and accessories


Any installation variation to above recommendations or modification of product voids any liability by the manufacturer


Customer Information:


This product is a shelving system – for product weights

within its weight rating guidelines. It is not for any

other use and not for climbing on.


Installation of product should be performed by to ensure

adequate anchoring and or fixing to your relevant surface.


Overloading, or incorrect use may cause failure of product

and or injury.


If shelves detach from brackets cease to use. No liability

accepted if use is continued.


No constructions performed solely with adhesive is

100% failsafe. Excessive loads whether accidentally

or intentionally placed on product can cause bond to fail

 and will void any liability by manufacturer.


Be wary of sharp edges.


Check product upon delivery and inspect for any

defects. Immediately contact freight carrier if damaged

 in transit. Defects in product should be immediately

notified to supplier within FITnFLOAT’s warranty

guidelines as set out on our website.


Clean and remove dust and other foreign matter using

a clean, slightly damp cloth, do not use solvents or

excessive water as panelling will expand with moisture

and integrity of panel will degrade.


Any variation or modification of the product may cause

failure and will void any liability of the manufacturer.

Any use of any of the parts or components in any other

product voids liability of the manufacturer.


No other products may be used in conjunction with this

 system. FITnFLOAT does not take responsibility for

liability if other products are attached to this system.

FITnFLOAT limits its warranty to replacement only if the

product if defective.