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800mm Backpanel 2 lines with 2 x 800 Glass Shelf, plus 2 Hooks

800mm Backpanel 2 lines with 2 x 800 Glass Shelf, plus 2 Hooks



FITnFLOAT panels consist of anodised aluminium extrusions embedded in each panel. These panels are purchased with the extrusion pre-inserted. Made from 16mm MDF and particle board, FITnFLOAT panels are lightweight and easy to install.

  • Available in: White, Black or Woodgrain.
  • Dimensions: 790x300x16mm


FITnFLOAT Glass shelves come with the bracket already attached. Shelves are very easy to insert into the backpanel and adjust from side to side and up and down.  This offers maximum flexibility and convenience, which is great for quickly rearranging your display or shelving system.

  • Weight Rating:  5kg per 400mm glass shelf*


All FITnFLOAT brackets are fully patented to work exclusively with the aluminium extrusion inserted into the back panel. They are manufactured from hardened 5mm rod and powder coated.

  • Weight Rating:  3kg*


  • 1x 790mm  Backpanel.
  • 2x 790mm Glass Shelf
  • 2x 50mm Hook.

Product Weight: 6.5kg


*with an evenly distributed load and when fitted correctly into good condition solid brick type walls or into the wooden studs in a cavity wall.