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400mm Backpanel 2 line with 6 Hooks

400mm Backpanel 2 line with 6 Hooks



FITnFLOAT panels consist of anodised aluminium extrusions embedded in each panel. These panels are purchased with the extrusion pre-inserted. Made from 16mm MDF and particle board, FITnFLOAT panels are lightweight and easy to install.

  • Available in: White, Black or Woodgrain.
  • Dimensions: 390x300x16mm



All FITnFLOAT brackets are fully patented to work exclusively with the aluminium extrusion inserted into the back panel. They are manufactured from hardened 5mm steel and powder coated.

  • Weight Rating: 3kg per hook*


  • 1x 390mm  Backpanel.
  • 6x 50mm Hooks.

Product Weight: 2.4kg


*with an evenly distributed load and when fitted correctly into good condition solid brick type walls or into the wooden studs in a cavity wall.